Biotechnology Commercialization

Bringing Technologies to Market

Xomix accelerates the development, licensing and commercialization of biotechnologies through an approach focused on the business of science. Through our scientific and business expertise, we effectively collaborate with companies and organizations to provide extraordinary and consistent results. Allow us to bring your technology to market by providing the services listed below.

Technology Assessment

Xomix Ltd. assesses technologies by drawing on the extensive experience of its prinicipals and associates in reducing research results to intellectual property and commercially viable products. While we are primarily focused on biotechnology and medicine, we have the additional expertise and resources to assess technologies in the areas of laboratory instrumentation and applications, mechanical, electrical/electronic and optical engineering software.

Technology Marketing

Let Xomix use its extensive expertise to effectively market your technology to the correct audience. We have contacts throughout the biomedical and biotechnology industries from our hands-on experience in selling products and technologies into these markets. Xomix understands these industries and we can selectively and efficiently market technologies where they can have the greatest impact and potential value. This reach extends beyond the traditional life science company to non-traditional technology developers and service providers that are developing an increasing proportion of the advances in biotechnology and biomedicine.

License Negotiation

Xomix focuses on creating a competitive deal flow that ensures the maximum return, establishing the broadest scope of licensing opportunities, and developing long term licensing partnerships. We can recommend appropriate licensing terms and conditions, draft and review license and/or development agreements and conduct market research on competitive deals for our customers.


Most successful businesses are based on successful collaborations. We can identify and establish relationships with those partners that will best forward you initiative. Often it may be most effective to have collaborations for research and development, commercialization, sales, marketing, or distribution. Xomix can connect you with the partners that will have you win.

Strategic Planning

A dream without a plan is a fantasy. We provide the insight and structuring of successful initiatives. Most companies develop incrementally with business decisions that provide for a slight increase or decrease in business. We provide future based strategic design in a way that companies can realize breakthroughs in sales, product development, and corporate success.

Regulatory Strategy

Squeaky Clean. Knowing that you are in compliance, or getting those areas that are not resolved is an ongoing process. We provide the expertise and support to keep your business on track for compliance. Xomix has a team of experts with hundreds of years of cumulative experience in regulatory compliance in medical diagnostics, pharmaceutical, biologics, and cellular therapy.